Topic discussions including spiritual living, what humility really is, displacing God, spiritual motive, and others.

Houffalize, Belgium

Spiritual Advisor

Helping others to a greater understanding of God and what role we each play.

Let Jim K. lead your group retreat

Growing your understanding of spiritual topics including:

-   In-depth studies of the Big Book; the basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous

-   Emmet Fox's "The Sermon on the Mount" with The Glossary and Reference Guide

-   Our Daily Connection - Prayer, Meditation & Self Examination

-   Sponsorship in AA - The Sponsor's Handbook 

-   Letting go of old ideas, The 12 Traditions, AA History; and others...


Weekend long sessions to grasp spiritual ideas and the means by which we can incorporate them into everyday living.


Topic driven seminars to examine spiritual principles in a condensed format.

Retreats, Workshops and Conferences

Join us in growing in understanding and effectiveness