Where I am today...

Today is the day; now is the time. These are the words that reflect the life I get to live today. It is an appreciation for two lives lived in one. It is the desire to pass on what has been so freely given to me. It is knowing that a loving God has provided all that I may need to accomplish all that is needed as I am placed where I may be of maximum usefulness to Him and those about me.

An experience not to be missed!

About Spiritual Awakenings Retreats

Morning at Sagaponack, Long Island, NY

Where I come from...

Born in 1962 to an atheist intellectual and an alcoholic mother I grew up in Westchester County, New York under less than ideal circumstances. After a near-death experience clarity came through a spiritual awakening that continues to unfold to this day many years later. My purpose is to place myself where I may be of maximum service to others, to bring a greater understanding and to demonstrate spiritual principles in my daily life.


Who I am...

I am an ordinary man who has had extraordinary experiences since an awakening in 1980. Having a gift of weaving a visual tapestry with words I have the ability to convey spiritual ideas in simple ways that are easily grasped. I work in the real estate industry in downtown Manhattan and enjoy a serene experience in what can be a stressful atmosphere.

I live in southern Westchester county just north of New York City and get to spend weekends with my supportive wife on the beautiful south fork on the eastern end of Long Island.