Where I come from...

Born in 1962 to an atheist intellectual and an alcoholic mother I grew up in Westchester County, New York under less than ideal circumstances. After a near-death experience clarity came through a spiritual awakening that continues to unfold to this day many years later. My purpose is to place myself where I may be of maximum service to others, to bring a greater understanding and to demonstrate spiritual principles in my daily life.


About Spiritual Awakenings Retreats

Who I am...

I am an ordinary man who has had extraordinary experiences since an awakening in 1980. Having a gift of weaving a visual tapestry with words I have the ability to convey spiritual ideas in simple ways that are easily grasped. I work in the real estate industry in downtown Manhattan and enjoy a serene experience in what can be a stressful atmosphere.

Upcoming Events

‚Äč"The Sermon on the Mount"  by Emmet Fox

and Alcoholics Anonymous


Jim K. and Paige K. of NYC

A retreat weekend on March 17-18, 2018 at

The Wilson House of East Dorset, Vermont

Please dial 802 362-5524 to reserve your place.

The workshop fee is $125 and includes a copy of the "Glossary & Reference Guide to

The Sermon on the Mount".