Jim K. is AA's "Satisfied Customer" and an accomplished speaker

sharing his inspirational experience throughout the US and Europe.  

Opening night speaker at the 30th Annual North Sea Convention at Oostende, Belgium February, 2019

As a lifelong New Yorker Jim's experiences, shaped by the legendary

"Cops & Robbers" of Lower Westchester and New York City,

help bring to life the Big Book centered experience of recovery

that includes a deep foundation in the spiritual principles of this way of life.

Shared at the inaugural Swenglish Convention in Stockholm, Sweden

Presented Emmet Fox's contributions to AA at EURYPAA I Stockholm, Sweden and EURYPAA II in Dublin, Ireland

Well known retreat leader at Bill's Birthplace: The Wilson House

of East Dorset, Vermont

Annually in March since 1998

Featured speaker at numerous groups and conferences throughout the northeast and elsewhere in the United States; including Arizona, Florida, California, Nevada

A sampling of contributions:

Leader of "The Sermon on the Mount" by Emmet Fox retreat at Dublin's Bewley's Hotel, Ireland 2011

Opening night speaker at the Ardennes "Road to Happiness" Convention in Houffalize, Belgium leading workshops on the 12 Traditions and 11th Step Meditation 

September, 2018

Privileged to share at the

2015 International Convention 

Atlanta, GA

At the church yard across Mad Tom Road from The Wilson House

East Dorset, VT 

Bill W. Day - June 4, 2017